A man, from very poor financial background, is supposed to inject financial independency  into his

family. To do so, he started from zeroth position to accomplish the concept of starting lodging services.

The major motivation in keeping forward this concept of lodging services, was the prime location in

Initially the concept was born due to lack of financial stability. but now a days it has become the

passion and the dream of Mr. Ramesh Ambardekar,the co-founder of Mauli Lodge. At that time, he

was opposed very strongly by most of the people and criticized by some relatives also.But he kept on

working on the concept of providing lodging services by building his own lodge. Mr. Arvind

Agalgaokar, the renowned contractor, has a lion’s share in taking his dream to reality.

With his strong belief, confidence and skillful mind, he started working hard and finally the illusion

On very pleasant morning of March 23rd, 1991, the greatest day in Mr. Ramesh Ambardekar’s life, the

inauguration of ‘Mauli Lodge’ took place. Then onward, the Lodge is providing uninterrupted set of

good services (and safety especially for ladies) to thousands of satisfied customers.

The Lodge gets upgraded continuously, time to time in order to meet the increasing customers’

campus of Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur, obtained by virtue of Mahalaxmi itself.

became reality and the Lodge started by and on the name of ‘Guru Mauli’.


Now, Mauli Lodge is completing it’s silver jubilee very soon.